Valuable Life…

New trends, for those who are confident, give rise to intention.
And in order not to get confused with different beliefs:
To whom and how to treat the Noah account
- Will not raznogolosit′sâ, and provide clear for all
an elementary calculation…

…simply put, decided to announce preliminary intentions. Tariffs Valuable Life:

1. for the rescued their own Life – get a reward of ten thousand (+10 000) equivalent Lives.

2. a devastated or destroyed their own Life – become a debtor at ten thousand (-10 000) Lives in accordance with the level of destruction after the order itself will guide – You can help others.

3. for the rescued Life another Creatures – Award of one thousand (+1000) Lives.

4. a devastated or destroyed Life another Creatures – get into debt for a thousand Lives (-1000) in accordance with the level of damage to Extraterrestrial Civilizations, who take or will take part in the reconstruction Life:

5. for the rescued Life – Award of two thousand (+2000)

6. a devastated or destroyed Life – find yourself in debt on two thousand (-2000) in accordance with the level of damage. This is in case the, If anyone wants to naportačit′ under the pretext of assistance.

7. because you will be relaxing together :) )))and all this can be put down to a simple formula.

EFFICIENCY UP = n1 * n2 * k1 k2 n3 * k3, k- the amplification factor.
k1 is within [-10 000, +10 000] inclusive, If this factor is relevant for you, If not up to date – write the nolik (0).
k2 within [-1000, +1000], If the relevant.
k3 within [-2000, +2000], If the relevant.
(n) – the number of Life, [the set of all numbers].
n1 within +/- [0,1]
n2, n3 within [ the set of all numbers]

This reward is individual. This means that first you have to take care of yourself and your own Life. And it was only after its own recovery can begin to help others. This is to ensure, you have a standard natural status, you will have to restore. Based on this own standard, you will have an opportunity to lead in this State other. Otherwise you just become another “Black Hole”. This is something that the “technical” part of the question.

Individually – so everyone works themselves. I.e.. each individual Creature working for yourself. Creature – any Form Life. I.e.. Microbe – the, Cat – the, Dog – the, Man – the, Group – the, Logo – the, Nation – the, Race – the, Planet – the, Galaxy – the, Universe – the, each speck of dust – the. Well, of course, in accordance with the The Laws Of The Nature.
This is to make it clear to you.

Special cases will be especially considered. Appreciate life.

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