Космическая красотаYou dream of freedom?
What do you think about it?
Pasha to death in the garden
(at work, at the factory)
Until you direct
Economy “Pigs”.

In large spaces, high-degree of freedoms behavior, There is a temptation to cheat Nature, and, squeezing the best out of all available Spaces, reset “products of own life” the owners of larger capacity. Derogation from the decision of the prerequisite tasks, which are the result of direct action.

Космическое положениеDraining your own problems on other biological organisms, race or nation allows hitrecam stay clean and wealth, but at another's expense. In some Universes and is. Just select the emerging race with great potential and provide its own problems galore. The systematic use of distortion causes, the attacker always goes unpunished, and innocent victims fully atone for other people's crimes.

Using a system of rebirth and a chance to be reborn in other worlds they manage their own guilt and error move to other planets or Worlds, While remaining clean on its territory. So the worry-free life in abundance without dying. Thus the system is draining the Karma on the less advanced Races, Peoples, Civilization, so go extinct less than sagacious planets and Worlds.

Inhabitants of different planets, merging your own Karma on the subject structure (which in turn just as capable to transfer “Subversion charge” the civilization), in the end become the instigators and perpetrators of destruction or disappearance of the less well-informed Races or Planets.

A similar movement “dirt” There is also the final destination of karma. Because. not possible to just take and to transfer the blame for its own crimes on any race – There are various tricks. The most amazing, that “the higher circles” allow it, so there is a reason. That's why someone else's Karma is primarily on “the fallen” sectors of society, that predominantly hold power over other layers. So can build any system of limits for all other sectors of society. Which should be the same “products of biological decomposition” as vlastvuûŝie “exhibits”. The ruling circles are committing daily partial murder each subordinate body, to earn a profit and, being “ahead of all the degree of decomposition”, live in abundance.

All this for only one reason: decomposing the healthy and beneficial organisms to degree “products of decay” is energy and information, which is necessary for life and development of the higher layers. For Example, the energy of life and new scientific discoveries, that Space sends to develop suitable “biological specimens”, but that are not available to the limited mindset of the ruling circles, whose power is based, in the first place, the different forms of violence, both direct and indirect. And to get the “the forbidden fruit” they don't hesitate to “to pass over or heads”. Thus destroying the promising sectors, okupiruâ their territory and, “Universal nedotepy” get new technologies and ways of further continuation of life, allowing such civilizations become highly developed.

The classification of degenerated shower information is suppressed. If you can expose “okupacionnuû power” – some subspecies of degenerated will urge to inaction: discourage, convinced of the irrelevance, shoot down the emotions, threaten, etc. If they really believe, that all this is insignificant and does not need to – Why did they put in these matters; Let the best fight with rats in a dirty basement (This is useful for saving products), or turn themselves into slavery useful Creatures. Can be, If they are prozombiruût by that slender self-deception – prove by example, that it is useful.

Institutions Of Government.

Interacting between themselves, the various institutions of Government are able to convince a reasonable observer that the, that is something important and incredible. If the thought of such an organism's ability to recharge – He believes in everything, he imposed and becomes a slave “System”.

Космическое СолнцеHaving at hand a large number of Institutions, You can play different situations: crisis, Salvation, invasion, conflict, “cold” war, “hot” war, the silence, deficiency of, abundance, and miscellaneous. Because. a normal person, being a leader, try to avoid these strange games – the leaders are trying to assign “persons with disabilities” and “limited” in thinking. Who is involved even in international games, to convince observers of the importance and benefits of, even, If this world wars. Ascension “persons with disabilities” on the power “crutches” allows for better irrigation, Continents “izvraŝenskimi products of decay”.

The media allow you to create any of the prophets, even every day. Nadressirovannye “hamsters” from the secret service and various cults can play almost any party associated with the contactless transfer of thoughts in the distance, indoctrination, predicting the, that planned other institutions, Stealing others ' thoughts and ideas for the benefit of “State” (the mafia group, controlling State). For Example, body, can come into contact with other civilizations or races from other planets, could just be fooled weathervanes specialized military unit, which is precisely these issues. I.e.. If people began to grow wiser and has leaked – can a dummy contact, that will tell, that “you need to wait another 100 years before we meet again and continue to be slaves”. Such contacts can be organized very much for mass, they are necessary for the, criminals may die a natural death without problems and in glory. The most amazing – that it works.

They protect against information leakage deranged cretinism. It easier to appoint the head of a deranged nerd and live at the expense of thousands of unsold organisms, than to do anything useful. Parasitism exults on the planets Death.

If the time comes for a change of power is to take “Tron” – attempts to eliminate candidates, a new form of Government are beginning to promote the same “the last of the prophets”.

The most useful and promising organisms, which Space grows for own purposes, Energy supply and information are, stealing can produce the entire Universes, Planet or State. In short, the degree of theft determines the magnitude of the coming destruction. Sometimes it happens, that a State, which led little adequate and coherent policy, no reason suddenly starts behaving unusually and develop on its behalf any previously nenavidimye area – This means, They stole a new batch of information and try to steal the destiny of the, whom it is intended. Of course this is only to save their own “skins”: “now, Cosmos, the, What have you planned for pure and bright, make (with 99% losses) “head-slop” and that's why you should save their lives, otherwise, they will push button – and Khan around the! I got it?” AND, Perhaps, next is the body through which live all. And maybe by you, or the same as you type, He lives a whole country or city. And even without stealing for the development of the body's energy and resources will be supplied to the whole country or Universe. But, Statistics show, hard to resist the temptation not to steal. The interesting people to be respected. :) However, due to Space live. But aggressive and targeted institutions stealing someone else's fate and their especially mad managers and executives are sentenced to expulsion from Being, from life and from the Planet, i.e.. to a typical Exile. “Vorueš′ someone else's Destiny? Don't you want to live your Destiny? You do not want to live and you have nothing to do here.”


Космос магическийAt the beginning of the active parasitic organisms are surprised by abilities “Clean and bright” and flow into the konfuziû because the, that in no way can achieve the same level of. That pushed them to the next steps:

1. They begin to kill and devour the flesh (as kanibaly) in the hope of, the ability and the power to the, who will eat the flesh.
2. After the disappointment due to the erroneous view starts stealing kanibal′skih technology and cultural sites, in the hope that ability will occur when in contact with these objects.
3. Another misconception. Theft and rape the weak members of the prominent kind. In the hope that they rodât the same smart kids. Slave system.
4. The destruction of the people and the seizure of territory.
5. Theft and destruction of all cultural goods and technologies with their subsequent issuance through n-hundreds of years on behalf of their own corporations. For the sake of making “Clean and bright” in something “Brown”.

Law abiding citizen, withholding under “waterfalls” decomposing capacity, is only entitled to the destruction of the organism or their own family members as compensation, because. on “law” the other has no rights. And then turning “Clean and bright” in something “Brown”. Because of the “transformations” every useful item ceases to exist, and their places are occupied by siblings of Satanism and their descendants. Resulting in accelerated time frame is the destruction of the world.

Economic Feasibility.

Космос галактикиSome dishonest States, for the destruction of his enemies in the face of other States, invest part of its budget to the people “lower class” and “the fallen” sectors of society (banditry, fraud, prostitution, drug trafficking and more crafty activities). After which, After a couple of dozen years abroad or in the resort area, you can hear, see and feel the careless, biased, not cultural, not a human attitude towards peoples, that were exposed to destruction. For a very simple reason: all these years, While the situation was not clear, lower-class people visited the resort areas and other countries, it behaved as peculiar to them, that of course, set up a specific attitude towards everything related people. Making cultural and raised in these countries and resorts places to do nothing more to, because. the host was the same “the lowest grade of”, as those, who attended to people. The international background is preukrašen. :) And, in fact, not especially something and need a, because. no particular use shall not be. So in fact?

Thus the economic feasibility can destroy not only an enemy country, but every country on the planet, If the calculation is limited to only one Planet.


Treating necrotic reincarnation cannot pass by heredity. Which “keepers” Karma so vehemently is manipulated. Experimentally, that in the event of the death of one of the relatives of all his shortcomings and errors (i.e.. Karma) “fall down” the head of family members, and this happens in certain parts. Here the most interesting. “God tests no longer does.” That's why “Carmo-distribution Department” pretends to be something he will perform a divine function, and so, who is the smartest guy in the room, promising and Hardy they pay enough trouble (i.e.. or all or the most difficult), and the rest too “see” how much can, only with bestoločej take nothing. Because: “well, How else do?” So from the perspective of the body, you can do the usual method of suppression. So among the late grey mass “Sometimes the zetovskih rays are upstarts”.

Космос в звездахIt should also take into account the, the Consciousnesses, subject to rebirth, in the next life will have the opportunity to go through all your mistakes again, in more tough form. If in your country there is no one to work out the errors of other individuals (not even associated with you) – they can be passed on to you, If you have sufficient capacity. In total we have X = nX cX S1X S2X…. (where n- is between 2 to infinity.. all errors are potentially promising and the next life, their perpetrators; with, C1, C2 – is between 0 up to 0,99, because. This distribution of bugs for all possible less promising, X – in this case, is a permanent number, same as 1, 5 or 25) Which raises the obvious question: When it is 25 is equal to 188 or infinity? It Looks Like, that no one except the people in the school does not teach math. Due to such an incredible mathematical zamalčičaniâm any outstanding ruler can make common “a little gray mouse”. What do you think: to address this situation, a typical exile Karma with all the Institutions and the Executive forces will be enough?

Saviors ™ ®.

The desires of the international television and capture of terrorists, There is the desire of all to Rob or enslave. To use the bailout, It's a unique way to ravage the wrong pockets. If international rescue organization belongs to your country or a group of your countries – its international function can be used to destroy enemies, even if these enemies are not enemies, and the population, who owns the biggest “warehouse resources and brains”, the more, that they, most likely, initially will be good and the concept of “the Savior” for them will be Holy.

Usually, such international organizations as “Interpol” or “Interpol” i.e.. International wooden huts. Polizei – This Holy post “Planet of death”. Due to the fact, all such organizations do not perform their functions properly – they need to experience the ultimate expulsion and for effectiveness better use metioritnyj rain, also acceptable are volcanic eruptions and the flood. A similar expulsion must be “unworthy” , that is the possibility of the existence of all these bufatornyh organizations.

A strong State is the key to successful, a stable and happy life, but only Infinite Space This can provide stability and make everyone really happy.

Космическая Тишина

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