I would like to add to that, What is said below: There are Ob″ektnost′. Ob″ektnost′ of the world is not an empty word and not sticking to the notion of. The object has one very real property-you can feel. With, If the feeling is they have at all levels. I.e.. If we ŝupaem, the feeling of presence. Looking at it is also the feeling of presence. So it's a good feeling :) . And it is better not to lose. Because if the lost feeling presence in the world-the, most likely you will become unavailable or, well, at least, the discharged. And even more! I'll tell you, the system of life makes you do it: suspended. Especially financial. AND, as a result of, people, instead of living, Make Friends, Love, just vypendrivaûtsâ each other. But it is not terrible :) . As soon as you notice, that have disappeared from this world, or separated in any way, you must visit the nearest physical objects, smoothly, to a sense of their presence. As a rule, the error is in the pursuit of the objectives, and as a result of the sharp action. Because our whole Physiology implies the smooth development of the unnatural sharp.

Therefore, we look immediately for one object. Achieve a sense of the presence of this object. And do too with the rest. Next, turn on the not material objects, such as the movement of an object, light, radiation, the computer program, own way of thought. This phase has a complex, and if you could feel the presence of the image means that you have a fairly high level of ability to stabilize. AND, most likely, stabilize the environmental situation. And your help is needed not only to me, but also the entire planet, at least.

This can result in a feeling of, If that happens the radiation from the eyes, voltage in the frontal part and not only. This is normal and is. Just don't get carried away. All you have to do is reach a feeling of fullness. Will be good, If there will be a feeling of attraction up in the neck. It is an indication that the energy in the body's normal way. It may not be only on the grounds, that you just do not feel. But if the soul is good-you're on the right track. :)

Well, can work out even on this text.

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