Политика серьёзноDo you dream to be you “King”.
And in the sky the stars.
Hover over the Earth with a whistle
Space “nails”.

On the planets Death over Time could be the power, carrier of the threat to the very existence of the planet.

Lords of the planets Death assured, that they have the right and the need to destroy the captured population. You convince yourself, thus make sacred mission.

Responsible Creatures hard at work for many years in order, to increase the the intellectual the level and standard of reasonableness of the masses. But all the while entrenched power puts the running boards, builds barriers. In my eyes, she said one (that develop education, help people build the foundations of this world) and behind the eye just shoot in the back (“you're smarter than me – die another day”). As a justification in cases such as these, very popular excuse: “God, I have no knowledge, What I do.” But the fictional law (who can compose any šestiklassnik) “ignorance of the law is no excuse”. That makes all guilty before a violent power, but innocent before God. And this is a direct proof, that power Great “is responsible for the” that works: hides his complicated psychological disease. (calendar. 158-204 UKRF; calendar. 205-211, 221-250 UKRB; Article 185-198 UCU; Article 221-7.36 approx.. UKSŠA)

On the planets Death murderers so often deceived people, by manipulating the Saints the principles of, that it has become a tradition. They are governed by simple rules: “If you believe in something – I will play and will kill the remnants of your faith. And you'll be in the same bul′kaûŝim and potrohom as I am an unbeliever! Only then will the Catholic possibility of equality and brotherhood! After all, there is no likelihood of, that I'm smarter and cleaner (because I am not interested), but I can disembowel you – It's always please.” (calendar. 139-204, 285-338 UKRB 105-157, 205-227 UKRF, 115-184,255-275,293-327 UCU, calendar. 210-230, 240-252 UKSŠA)

On Planet Of Death States ruled by the Bandit Power. Population, aware of the situation and things, not possible to make work for themselves; for who wants to work on bandits? Obviously, that is not the case. That's why the defective laws and allowed prescription. Created and used only for one purpose: harm and damage population country. (If we consider the individual citizen as a closed system – If there is a loss of Internal Energy the system seeks to restore previous state. That may try to take the energy from the environment. Which does not free, and belongs to the flawed power and rights of use are described in fictional law. But if a fictional law violated – is not a fictitious, and the actual responsibility.) Thanks To The systematic violence under the pretext of fictional laws – populations of the planets Death is a huge loss not fictional. And to global crime did not become apparent – each vypotrošennogo resident isolated individually: “Look I have released a new law: Now you don't have to be!” (calendar. 205-245 UKRF, calendar. 285-348 UKRB, 185-235 UCU, 220-250 UKSŠA)

The laws intentionally simulated as, to “the legislator” was right, and intentionally missing article “provocation of crimes”. Not to treat those cases, in which the power forcing citizens to commit crimes, but instead she claims, that was the victim of harm, to put it more, crushing blow. And as a skating rink in her asphalt roll their consequences and punishments. Thus increasing the distance between the cause(own fault) and the consequence(punishment “the scapegoat”), thereby establishing the mighty comprehensive fear when thinking about how, that's to blame, judge. Only one law “the provocation of crimes” would reliably delivered any form of crime need to be. ( calendar. 275-360 UKRF, Article 356-465 UKRB, 109-114,328-447 UCU, 220-250, 720-814 UKSŠA)

Terrified Of Organisms, injured the damage, try to find solace in a ghostly illusion and prefer to believe in all sorts of fairy tales, Fables and empty promises. Even though, that real change must be real action, such organisms prefer self-deception. And choose from two angry less. It certainly is better, When you kill the slower, than when you kill faster. And the truth is hidden in these lines… (calendar. 205-245 UKRF, Article 122-138 UKRB, 185-235 UCU, 220-250 UKSŠA)

Bandits fight for power bravely because it allows them to accumulate Astronomical capital, You can buy the votes of half of the country, on the eve of the plastics of century pomojnoj era. And this power is able to spend any money, to save your own position, as in the case of victory cost vozmestâtsâ times, the efforts spent on taxes money everything is wrong. (calendar. 169-204 UKRF, calendar. 221-265 UKRB, 199-254 UCU; section 7, 10, 12, 13 UKSŠA)

The possibility of a power struggle at all is a exceptional event: After all, if you create the conditions – their faces show, who shot the other in the back. And it creates an opportunity to clarify uncertain areas “cancer”.

The political race on the planets Death is more like a circus dog Mummers shutov. Dogs of oblaivaût each other, but all their buffoonish outfits provided by the same sobakovodom. (calendar. 165,178,184,185.5,169-204 UKRF; Article 247, 253, 257, 232 -262 UKRB, 228,225,199-235 UCU; section 7, 10, 12, 13 UKSŠA )

“Misty” technology makes it possible to maintain well-functioning organisms under “emotional skirting”. If the slaboharakternye organisms pray on the genitals – This gives more power over the incapable people control their emotions. That allows them to be a perpetual low-frequency pressure. (Article 126-130, 317-330 UKRF; Article 181-189 UKRB; calendar. 146-156 UCU; calendar. 100-220 UKSŠA)

In all revolutions with massacres not so fast, because the incompetent power can be useful as staff from other services; quite hopeless to lay asphalt in hard-to-reach places or stand for the machine in the factory. And in General: death – It's too easy to lose.

Подплинтусные мышиOn the planets Death ruled by fear. Thanks to which population as the mouse is under the skirting of fear. That's why all these “podplintusnye mouse” die herds out of fear.

Help this happen the, who is in the performance responsibilities of the killers. This implies that for their own actions, they do not carry liability. I.e.. the job they are performing (Click animal teeth), and then – ordinary citizens (friends). The Truth, over the course of his job, manage to significantly reduce civil society. (calendar. 205-222 UKRF; Article 285-293 UKRB; 185-235 UCU; 220-250 UKSŠA)

Quality decision of the representatives of the people of genius, proposed in formal meetings or congresses, more like dance Butterfly in front of hrûkaûŝimi pigs. And when the dance there is nobody – is doing it just for yourself, If it is reasonable in General.

Capturing the power of the criminals have such unexpected sensations, ready to repeat this experience again and again, hold the throne as long as possible. If the time of coming to an end – the hijackers put all stolen population Tools, to suppress all the people's activity. After All,, “the inevitable day of reckoning awaits!” (calendar. 205-222 UKRF; Article 285-293 UKRB; 185-235 UCU; 220-250 UKSŠA)

But sometimes the policy linger. The resulting stalemate eats generation. The Future Of does not occur, (a) “Grand” Past years 20 (or more) the rights of the.

Irresponsible desire keep accidentally captured power leads to long-term or, even, the thousand-year stagnation. Infinite massacre of the authorities with the people fight ends “slave to the hungry with ruble”. (363-360, 105-157 UKRF; Article 122-204 UKRB; calendar. 436-447, 328-354 UCU, section. 18, calendar. 200-250, 735-814 UKSŠA )

In turbulent times, enemies of the State are not asleep and are ready to attack the weakened people in good time, especially when the country is rich in. From the rich countries did a lot of enemies: almost everyone who is not rich.

Because of the ambitions of the deranged mentally ill, seized the throne, the nature of the Planets Death eventually turn into junk or bald desert. (calendar. 246-262 UKRF; calendar. 263-284 UKRB, calendar. 236-254 UCU, “environmental crimes” UKSŠA )

If such Planets is someone to, to assist the help – local “Lords of” Rush wish them all “Earthly happiness”. But what is it really explain themselves cannot, probably because, that such structures are linked to the passion and power, that is so dear to my heart “kashchei the immortal”, because of what the explanation sounds disappear.

But if they dream about it – you need to realize their dreams and create Kingdom Of Heaven and on Earth: any Planet (and its contents) is a privately owned Infinite Space (What can be seen in the sky), attempts to violate private property rights are persecuted even in fictional law. (calendar. 158-204 UKRF; calendar. 205-262 UKRB; Article 185-198 UCU; Article 221-7.36 approx.. UKSŠA)

If a normal person due to political pressure, a sense of hopelessness – This can result in an accident or catastrophe responsible for the initiator of the hopelessness. (calendar. 109-122 UKRF; calendar. 144-158 UKRB; 119-133 UCU; 200-227 UKSŠA)

Monitoring bodies continuously use media information (public radio and television) for daily spam messages and provocative nature. With “rulers” all this is for free, and competitors even money is not enough. ( ( ( :) ) ) ) (articles 232-234 UKRB, calendar. 171, 173 UKRF,calendar. 190,192 UCU, calendar. 223-228 UKSŠA)

Ежедневный спамЕжедневная лож

After dark the election policy openly take various ephemeral solutions, that affect all residents and, even, those who do not give them the right to make decisions. Any respectable citizen in such a case, could ask: “Who are you in general such? And with a fear you're writing to me “laws” without my permission?”

Ultimately impotent and oduračennoe populations of the planets Death completely destroyed, and the killers were looking for another Planet, appropriate to its slow destruction through false values or tightened regime. (calendar. 159, 285-330 UKRF; Article 209, 356-387 UKRB; 190,192,109-114,328-447 UCU, 220-250, 720-814 UKSŠA )

===Through The Looking Glass===

The endangered Planets under the constant pressure of death there is an assumption, that opposite World (Planet Life) is somewhere in Zazerkal′i. Maybe there bends Life, but the population crams a feeling of joy. After all, if one side is bad – maybe even the opposite, it's okay? Many residents of such The Planets try to escape from overwhelming horror though somewhere.


On planets with beautiful, well groomed and well funded orphanages are unhappy with everything and, even, children in these beautiful children. homes. After all, if the system of life was set up harmoniously – children do not have to be in such establishments. And if the “not given” – the harmony of all the difficult: much more difficult than pus a shovel to unload.

© © © © © © Economy

If you ugorazdilo to be born on the planet of death in the country of beggars – your the fate of the will call one only pity and sympathy.

As long as you believe in kindness and Justice niŝebarony will be twisted of you all “juices” under the guise of some sort of theoretical illusions. And when you have one potroh – they will tell you: “And what were you thinking: in the fairy tale ended up?”

In such “Magic” the economy is very simple:
1) The country's budget consists of money obtained by population.
2) The country's budget consists of money, that is not spent on medical help.
3) The country's budget consists of pension, which did not survive the slaves(citizens) State.

Economic Formula is pretty simple:
- See on an empty Street 100 th. retirees and 200tys. patients not built hospital?
- No. I do not see.
- Here's the money, that we are saved, We live in.


In poor countries have to work for the idea of, because another excuse to find a hard. Usually the idea is a theoretical “good and bright future” the slave-owner. Although specifically explain what it is he's just not forces, because he does not know. In such cases, he prefers to argue that, What is a State secret. But if there are more bright ideas – concerned for his throne slaveholder is excited to see a new idea, to implement It has not yet eliminated earlier than competitor. A hearing in the largest radiant light dobrejšej with a smile, He can just ask: “Could you tell us more about your idea? I am the most intelligent and kind slave owner: I'm sure everyone will understand. But try to tell so, that IA was able to explain it so, who does not understand.” (And at this moment is the radiation of all kinds of artificial light.)

Best citizens in countries such – those, that claim: “I 40 years stood for the machine and want to, my kids were the same as me!”

Poor people in the country all run for the idea, accompanied by the promises about, that: “then, Someday I will give you something(and very much)” , because no one is going to pay. (calendar. 159 UKRF; calendar. 209 UKRB, Article 190 of UCU; section 18 UKSŠA)

Yes, fun to be King in “country fools”. Then there is a reason to be proud of their “peas Kingdom”, and clever just won't want to fight for “pea throne”, Because smart people do not relish the prospect of being the best a fool.

===꙳ ᴥ ꙳ ᴥ ꙳ ᴥ===

If in the “mouse country”, in “dog circus” spend “State elections” – all such elections are predetermined. Because the right to vote is only master money, and the others have only the right to vote under the, that makes money. In other words, in such situations, the slaves were allowed to be only “cannon fodder” on the field “battles” artificial characters with the wielder, power and money in one person. (And where only looks the Antimonopoly Committee?) (calendar 110.158 -180 UKRF; Article 145-146, 205-250 UKRB, calendar. 120,185-198 UCU; Article 210.5, 221-224.14 approx.. UKSŠA )

1) Guns and rough the power of, fearsome – is the key to power.
2) Power – It talks, politics and money.
3) Money – It's doubtful a pledge of freedom, implying a permissiveness.

In other words, money – This is the same weapon referred to in paragraph 1, only less noticeable and more, but far more terrible (in criminal hands).


And now the riddle. Think: If you are authorized to protect a fictional law – can you punish according to the law, the one fictional power more than you? If there is no – It means you're the usual mediocrity, repitter, “the nozzles” or “cannon fodder”. If you are a, having the fictional law power and authority, nothing can do high-level criminals – It means you're just an empty space, and you don't have.


Still a mystery. How many people do you know? Maximum – a couple of thousand, and most of them – residents TV. And why do it?? And that your life has changed, If you do not know how many such as you?


On the planets Death over time could be the power, carrier of the threat to the very existence of the planet. For this reason, the unit of any political forces are obliged to undergo voluntary screening in Space Clinic.

And still. On the planets Death rotten Lords like all “fools” drive in “social networks”. At First, – It looks like a foolery and collection of personal data, but when appetites are starting to tear proctologic way – obdiralovka users already is a fierce form. AND “spiders”, zamanivšie the whole society in their own “network” laugh at them as they want. For Example, blocking users, I agree also en masse and say, nahmuriv eyebrows for vnušitel′nosti and the importance of: “You have not given us your mobile phone number… Fast talk! And then delete your profile for spam, that you are not responsible!” The block form, passwords are not possible to hack, and the hosts of these questionnaires are cautious, that is not able to expose their passwords. (Article 158, 159, 161, 272-274 -165.168 UKRF; Article 205, 206, 208, -210.212 257.349 -355 UKRB; calendar. 185,186,189,190 361-367 UCU; Article 212.2, 223.224, section 18, pairs. 1029, 1030 and 1362 approx.. UKSŠA )

In accordance with the UIC of any country artist to promote the rule of law and putting the criminals in isolated from the Community institutions. In the case of desertion of duties provided for in the articles of the CRIMINAL CODE, that make the Executive the same offender as a troublemaker or a partner.

ABOUT, Lord, and the best of the best local “svâtil”, who has composed their own laws. As you understand yourself: that's enough for it, to enter the planet of troops.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Manifesto

Harmony should prevail in space.

PS. And don't forget that, that curse has not been cancelled.

Institution closes all its potential enemies in the asphalt securely, Space same rolls his all his enemies Are.

PPP. The theme was long and was embarrassed by the, that can not be learnt – because the preferred to divide it into several parts.

~ ~ ~ Think about good ~ ~ ~

Music composition.

Cell – Orange

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