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Layered Space

Космос СлоистыйI, bearing the whole globe
On the little finger of the right hand is
My ring unspeakable enchantments, —
You say: Are you!
You broke out of the darkness.
So I cry cry for cry, Read more

Private Property

Космос Частная СобственностьLooking at the Ways of our Mlechnost,
Eternal Space Infinity.

On the planets of the death of private property is any structure, by the time someone a set. And especially mentally ill dare to express, they belong to the country, not only sea and continents, rise and formation of which they have no relationship at all, and even remotely do not represent yourself as all that create. …▲ Open Space the magnificence of ◊…


НаселениеFor experimental purposes on some Planets can regenerate various kinds of consciousness, many of which may be foreign to each other. Usually, This is because of the low level of development of the warring types, that is quite common for different groups of microbes. If some of them doryvaûtsâ to “the King's throne” – do not hesitate to Read more


Биология ТелWhere the Wolf cried blood:
"Hey! I boys body it», —
There will say mother: "Gave the children I. —
We, the elders, Let us reason, What we do.

(Velimir Khlebnikov – “War in the mousetrap”.)

In medicine a very difficult to link the biological characteristics of the organism with other bodies. To understand it is best to consider all sorts of phenomena of this kind on examples. ☸ Learn to see information on…☆•°*”˜


ТантраTantra – a mutually beneficial merger Astral bodies.

Depending on the characteristics of the organism and the level of development of the consciousness of the creature is able to engage in Tantra with suitable under the terms of the Creatures. They may be as a Transcendental Being and less. Depending on the conditions. Read more


ЙогYou're the same, whose mind ran,
As ash falls,
The Shepherd life of antiquity,
Who listened to numbers
And obediently jumped
Enchanted GAD
In the rings of jealousy;
And the snake dance captivated and cramps,
And rings, and whistle, and sizzle Read more


It's simple.

☼ ૐ equilateral Who begot Anticivilizaciû? ☼ ૐ equilateral

Valuable Life…

New trends, for those who are confident, give rise to intention.
And in order not to get confused with different beliefs:
To whom and how to treat the Read more



The agreement provides the right one Creatures use “design” other Creatures. Usually metadogovor always a unilateral.

Metadogovor has no material form. He therefore called “metadogovor” that is on the mental level. I.e.. between Creatures the level of morality Whom so high, What tangible confirmation of their agreement does not require. Just as it says that the, that sign metadogovor Read more

Three Temples

Temple – separate space or volume “login” that can only worthy.
A Decent – the mind fairly and harmoniously interact with the volume of the immersed.

1. Body Temple.
All that is connected with the body and is Body Temple. I.e.. the very Body and all processes and objects, where and with whom it participates and collaborates.
Body, like any Temple, you need to Read more

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