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“Death” Fènšuâ…

imageRui oranges, grouse Rui:
Your last day comes to Feng Shui…

(M. Mayakovsky + Feng Shui)

Everyone knows, that any object Radiates (and contains) The energy of different quality, which Read more

Grain Of Reason

imageNaïve, that “Rooster” all the same.
Among the countless talents It,
There is such a, that throws stones,
And selects only the “Zërno”.

Go through choosing a fertile ground, zasevaeš′ GRAIN, rastiš′, you put your Love, put the resulting harvest. Finally nice to you, GRAINS, Elements, employees, and to all who helped raise, Life developed, improved methods, and the results Read more

High Jump Technique. Hooaku Teng Keng.

The time is now
Live in a Space without walls.
In the heart of the knocks
Hooaku Teng Keng.

Paint, the sound of music, new impressions!
All this is waiting for you. No doubt!

We will consider, that this was done so as to confidently believe that, that at the Read more

The subtle energy (the second part of the)

image«…When force and there will be no more Babylon – SPACE otstučitsâ rhythm – echo level pulse Jaguar ... (Mayan. Literary translation.)

Since childhood, was so, that virtually Read more

Lovâŝie Wave

Ловец ВетраCame Spring two thousand and nine. AND, continuously flying, clouds on the background, forever indigovogo the color of the sky,reminiscent of the awakening of nature and the diving somewhere in the distance, a hint about the possibility to take Infinity and pushing to do it, they say THE, that the time had come to take from life ALL. Read more

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