“Seeland” – This inanimate mechanism, the immediate objective of which is to destroy the living soul.

Is one of the strongest false prophets, mentioned in the Bible, The Quran, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto and other religious. Refers to the type of the false prophets, which IMEUte especially horrible end. And are they in the destruction of those creatures, who have already been elected for a new life, and not particularly need to undergo specific training. In other words it is about those Things, that already have inclinations and abilities. But they cannot show or use it merely because, that the public does not recognize, and confidence, aimed at the destruction of the native Grain of consciousness appears only after reading such false literature. So be very careful not to get caught by the fishing rod.

This literature can be used only and only, If you understood and realized the essence of Buddhism, Orthodoxy, Hinduism, Asatry, Zoroastrianism, Islam and Shinto. Or other recognized religion. And found this the essence of the. And a clearly defined and understood, that without it no.

In its work, the mechanism “Seeland” uses concepts from existing religions svorovannye, the analogy between which it hides. For Example, the one who “Seeland” uses a non-living concept “space options” is actually a living creature, which is often referred to as karma. But “space options” , not associated with karma, also there is a.

Karma very easy to understand. This cloud of causality. It's like? Elementary! Not because, I'm using NLP, but because I'm in shock and just write the, What I saw. Elementary – This is when the structure is made up of friendly elements. So any reason (element 1) There is a consequence (element 2), and they are related. This relationship is causal. And when such linkages are very much – they form a cloud. In which we make the choice.

“Vadim Zeland” – the imaginary creature, or selling their soul for being able to satisfy their own desires the destruction of other people's souls mechanism hidden behind his name. It is another kind of Original Sin.

For a more in-depth impact uses background music class “Psychedelic”. I.e.. music for the loonies, Although the distributors claim, It was the music of the soul. But just compare it with music by Keiko Matsui, Kitarō, Oliver Shanti, Govi and make sure, that the word “Soul”, ispolzuemoe in the class “Psychedelic” – strong exaggeration. The most suitable feature for this class – music of the unborn, any unformed, or not able to be formed, or not real, or other consciousness. Although if properly used genre – You can write sensibly. But for some reason the current do not occur until. So is the air good, guys, have defined the genre as goofy. Nothing personal – regular output of the actual observations.

Any sane person can associate the laws of nature with the divine being, and if he doesn't do this or hides – means, He is driven by the “the meaning of” not collected around health. And what then? If not the Sun – the black hole. And everyone knows, that black hole – strašnejšij monster in the universe. Want to be running the black hole? “Zelandovskoj” or the, What is inside of you. We are doing our best to your divine Grain keep and develop. If you do not help us to maintain and develop the Grain, that inside you – We razočaruemsâ (It's almost silent).

Be very careful and sensible!

Do yoga and Meditate better.

What about it write: “Vadim Zeland is a very mysterious person and few people know anything about his personality, few people have seen his photos. Here's what he writes about himself:

“I forty. Before the collapse of the Soviet Union was doing research in quantum physics, then-computer technology, Now-books. I live in Russia. Nationality-Russian, or to be precise, one-fourth of Estonian. The rest is irrelevant, However, like all this.

About their own successes, I can only say, that Transerfing works flawlessly. But keep your personal life is not going to, Since then it ceases to be personal.

Wide popularity of turns against you, If you give in to temptation and vlezaeš′ you on a pedestal for all to see.”

“His” books:

Vadim Zeland - all books 1 fileVadim Zeland – all books 1 fileTranserfing reality: (I): Space options
Transerfing reality: (II): The rustle of morning stars
Transerfing reality: (III): Forward to the past

Transerfing reality: (IV): Office reality
Transerfing reality: (V): The apples are falling into the sky
The ruler of reality

Practical course of transerfinga for 78 daysPractical course of transerfinga for 78 daysIn this book set out 78 basic principles of Transerfinga. Transerfing – powerful control technology a reality. Man Gets a chance to change the fate of the discretion. If you do not know the principles of Transerfinga, with this book you can take a course of management a reality for 78 days. this knowledge will open your eyes to the illusory nature of the external world. You'll understand, that reality does not exist by itself. At a time from a variety of options you can choose the only correct, always reach the target and solve, which events to be, and what will never be in your life.

Materialists are, that overcome obstacles, which themselves create, and idealists soar in the clouds and dreams. Neither, nor able to control reality. You – Learn how to!


Transerfing reality: (I): Space optionsTranserfing reality: (I): Space optionsThis book deals with the very strange and unusual things. This is so shocking, that do not want to believe. But faith and will not need – you all make sure. Just be prepared to, After reading your usual worldview collapses.
Transerfing reality: (II): The rustle of morning starsTranserfing reality: (II): The rustle of morning starsWishes are not enforced, but dreams don't come true. You don't get tired of catching up with the setting sun? Output is not there, where you are looking for… Each person has his own road, that could lead to genuine happiness. But how to find it?
Transerfing reality: (III): Forward to the pastTranserfing reality: (III): Forward to the pastSo, forward to the past! The time has come, When you see its movement in space options. You make sure, that can move in time as forward, and back. And it's not going to be like to travel as, How to portray the SF and fantasy authors.
Transerfing reality: (IV): Office realityTranserfing reality: (IV): Office realityIn the everyday reality of events go on their own, Whatever your or “I do not want to”. But from this, It would seem, inevitable fate, There is a totally unexpected exit. The man has no idea on how to, that is captured by the mirror illusion.
Transerfing reality: (V): The apples are falling into the skyTranserfing reality: (V): The apples are falling into the skyOffice reality: Surely this is possible? Those, anyone tried Transerfing on my experience, astounding stories, as their thoughts magically materialize, and the surrounding reality literally in front of changes its appearance. For Example, people inexplicably begin to treat you with more sympathy.

The ruler of realityThe ruler of realityEveryday reality is presented in a new, an unfamiliar guise, Why becomes much more any Mystics. You have to make sure, that reality – It is not quite the, What we used to understand this.
“Zelandu”: your consciousness is defined as the need to rebuild. After this process you will not be able to understand. In order to save it (your true Mind) you need to do the impossible: to form the stable the divine Seed in its “The Black Hole” education that you make. And heal all of you “infected”. But judging by the name of your books for you, this is not predstavnâetsâ is not possible: You can create such conditions, in which “The apples are falling into the sky”.

Space All, Guys! Y ^)
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