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Биология ТелWhere the Wolf cried blood:
"Hey! I boys body it», —
There will say mother: "Gave the children I. —
We, the elders, Let us reason, What we do.

(Velimir Khlebnikov – “War in the mousetrap”.)

In medicine a very difficult to link the biological characteristics of the organism with other bodies. To understand it is best to consider all sorts of phenomena of this kind on examples. ☸ Learn to see information on…☆•°*”˜


Мужчина Солнце
And it took me a chest cut sword,
And the heart of quivering took out
And Uhl, flaming fire,
In breast otverstuû erected.

((A). WITH. Pushkin)

Man was created on the principle vector, as a reflection of masculinity. The basic ability of a vector – reach ╬ ╬ Infinity

Moral Decay

Моральное разложениеAre you “Clever and Great”. As your face.
Aims to take “High Position”:
Vyiskivaeš′ books “Geniuses”,
Do you Make “scripts”, imitirueš′ not your own “impressions”.
And not even imagine, that your imbecil′nye zeal
Confidently backed you in the pit of your “Moral Decay”.

Many have heard, but few know and, even more so, thought about that: ” What is moral decay?”. Often people prefer to read all ₪ ₪ ₪ ₪ seriously in space

Vector. Vector Forces. Force Vectors


Cosmos Flowers

Love breaks Thread:
North! South! West! East!
The planet has entered into a new cycle of:
The Shrouded Divine Flower…

Topic Gay. In it you will have the opportunity to find out how many are actually incredibly incredibly Infinite Infinite Space. Read more

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