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And then the “Excellent Far”, which “do not be cruel”
It is not at all easy to deceive.

Despite the large number of bullying the legends about Moscow, each, who will be the stronger your fears, Moscow open Read more


НаселениеFor experimental purposes on some Planets can regenerate various kinds of consciousness, many of which may be foreign to each other. Usually, This is because of the low level of development of the warring types, that is quite common for different groups of microbes. If some of them doryvaûtsâ to “the King's throne” – do not hesitate to Read more


ТантраTantra – a mutually beneficial merger Astral bodies.

Depending on the characteristics of the organism and the level of development of the consciousness of the creature is able to engage in Tantra with suitable under the terms of the Creatures. They may be as a Transcendental Being and less. Depending on the conditions. Read more

Vector. Vector Forces. Force Vectors


Cosmos Flowers

Love breaks Thread:
North! South! West! East!
The planet has entered into a new cycle of:
The Shrouded Divine Flower…

Topic Gay. In it you will have the opportunity to find out how many are actually incredibly incredibly Infinite Infinite Space. Read more

Peculiarities of transition

It is not difficult to notice, that is, any two race chart,
One – see, in every corner you can find only one.

This is the result of events, the old form of consciousness was unable to continue the development of.

In the same form in the new age will be those ✪ ✪ Space Love

Around The New Year :)))

Daa… I went here not long ago.:) Sorry. Obkatyvaû an important technique. Soon I will continue seeding (may tomorrow). Indicative topics in section “Information flow“.

For now, just went to congratulate all “Our” :) Happy New Year. It is approximately from yesterday to tomorrow. Approximately. :) ✯ ✯ Love Space


Гениальность, It's not just – It's elementary.

Each of us realizes that, that is the genius of it is and was about to open up. But how to expose and what kind of genius? ⊡ Love Always – This is useful for Health ⊡

Purification of consciousness

Just a feeling Water occurs after the cleaning consciousness. Pure consciousness just loves and knows the, where is it feeling. Because there is nothing more, and all the distracting is the vanity, who reviewed. Therefore,, in order to be purified to ✴ dive into Space ✴

Why Love?

During the analysis, many may wonder: "Why LoveThere is a God for our consciousness?». Precisely because the, that God – It's to the point where "cool" and infinitely on all levels and directions, separately and together, that no ✫ Endless Love ✫

Scientists predict the end of the world, and it could happen as early as next weekend. The prophecies

What you will hear only from those, who came into this world before others, and it managed to settle.

No "prophecy" Vanga, Edgar Cayce, a super secret, the hidden Koldun-Mage-magician-vlastelinaMirov, owned by the Government, or is there someone else – not come true.

In the first place, with 1990-1995 year of planet Earth is not predicted path of development. And the prophecies of the most accurate soothsayer Edgar Casey end up somewhere in the 2000 year. This development path is much better that, the naproročili, and still ✪ Space all the same Endless ✪

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