During the analysis, many may wonder: "Why LoveThere is a God for our consciousness?». Precisely because the, that God – It's to the point where "cool" and infinitely on all levels and directions, separately and together, that no consciousness, developing, in any phased framework, could not understand either its scale, no depth. (Attempts to go beyond knowledge, as a rule, end with the release of his own consciousness.) But we can understand, that we feel, He is in us, and we are a part of It. And at the same time, absolutely complete, an integral, required, timely and infinitely promising part, and not some sort of "blah-blah-blah ...". And this feeling is Divine Love. So We and there is the very real God, has no beginning, no end. And each of us individually and all together in front and behind Infinity.

�то Мы

This We

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