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ДэвыEach creature is developing according to its own Standard. Even not knowing or not knowing it, Substantive development cycle is precisely because of this Standard. Read more

The Devas. Sin. Rotten Karma. Opposites.

image…You slivaeš′ on living fictional you “Madame Tussauds!”.
(A) “I” – Like burn Patterns!..

You need to be able to think, to not understand simple things, the meaning of which is, the entire development process in the universe occur before the State, in which the Read more

Non-Probabilistic Meditation Without A Title. Enlightenment.

imageDo you want to win even one account,
To “earn” new recognition.
We also carry out Space Calculation,
From Neveroâtnostnoj Meditation Untitled…:)

If you bent your meal,
At the table, on the table, under the table, or desk.
(A), Perhaps, political map
- Be careful: someone is playing you. Read more

The Device Of The Soul (Consciousness).

imageIf you received, The God Life, endorsement,
For help Life Energy, in the development of Own Consciousness
- the, accumulating Knowledge,
You must increase the IMPRESSIONS.
All we have seen in the, that our Consciousness – It's Rainbow Colors visible for us Spectrum Frequencies, that matches our Energy Vortexes, i.e.. Glaive. So does this Colors correspond to the seven main Read more

Grain Of Reason

imageNaïve, that “Rooster” all the same.
Among the countless talents It,
There is such a, that throws stones,
And selects only the “Zërno”.

Go through choosing a fertile ground, zasevaeš′ GRAIN, rastiš′, you put your Love, put the resulting harvest. Finally nice to you, GRAINS, Elements, employees, and to all who helped raise, Life developed, improved methods, and the results Read more

High Jump Technique. Hooaku Teng Keng.

The time is now
Live in a Space without walls.
In the heart of the knocks
Hooaku Teng Keng.

Paint, the sound of music, new impressions!
All this is waiting for you. No doubt!

We will consider, that this was done so as to confidently believe that, that at the Read more

Theory Of Worlds. Hierarchy

Consider any World. For Example, This. Regarding this World There are more and more Low World (for example, 2-d

), and more High World (for example, 4-d).

The 2-D World.



If a three-dimensional reality is Read more



The agreement provides the right one Creatures use “design” other Creatures. Usually metadogovor always a unilateral.

Metadogovor has no material form. He therefore called “metadogovor” that is on the mental level. I.e.. between Creatures the level of morality Whom so high, What tangible confirmation of their agreement does not require. Just as it says that the, that sign metadogovor Read more

Self cleaning consciousness

ДавлениеIn order for the, to clean anything, need to know what is cleansing in General.
Nothing complicated. Cleaning – the usual cleaning. Leave all you need – else get out of the House.
The same thing Read more

Desire. Office

image1. If the desire to uncontrolled – нужно взять над ним контроль или исключить его.

2. If the desire to partially Read more

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