image…You slivaeš′ on living fictional you “Madame Tussauds!”.
(A) “I” – Like burn Patterns!..

You need to be able to think, to not understand simple things, the meaning of which is, the entire development process in the universe occur before the State, in which the then completely vzaimopriâtie two opposites of one personality in which A mutual love of these Opposites. And for this constant in the development process “workout”, to Accumulate the required amount of Experience Impressions for all future processes of development. For Example, a man and a woman – opposites, which constitute the cell, body, объект, creature families. Continue the process of, the scale and speed dialing, is entering a qualitatively New and higher level, that is all the, that was before, and throughout the different.

Thus rasseem a myth about antiBoge: often found fairly widespread adoption, “issued by the” lentââmi thinking, idlers, and intractable provocateurs, There are some incredibly Awful Creature, that is the opposite of God Single Beauty Ideal Light. O Yes!…This Creature really is (((:))) And It is not hard to guess Name :) It's just Chaos. And It is the exact opposite of God in everything :) )) Can find the opposites of divine Qualities, that is opposite in meaning, and you will understand, that is inherent in chaos and Divine opposites. For example,: God – One, and Chaos are in disarray; God has complete ownership of A, and Chaos is not owned by A, in other words, He, even, Not The Master Himself; God Is Beautiful – Chaos, as opposed to, Besformen…

If you believe in “dobren′kogo”, a compliant God, absolutely “perfect” and totally not like People and any other Creature, and try to understand how “Something Different” – forced to disappoint you: means, do you believe in a God, and God “your” does not exist. Because one God inherent quality any creature, Thus it is similar at all :) And embodies a whole all manifestations of.

All of that is the way life is A. Any object is in the process of formation on the principle of similarity, drawing everything like Him, as a result,, finding the absolute ideal form, One becomes God. And in one God all is one and Holistically.

“World Government”, You hide all scientific discoveries, in the true sense of the evidence, that we, Consciousness, Characterized by high-frequency Vibration, and there are various forms of the embodiment of the Supreme God. Received “data” you have to twist out of us “juices”, to you the opportunity at our expense to live for free, and we have an aversion to this world and the reluctance to be reborn here again, but your “The Church Institute” said, that “the universe for us too hard: God, came to us Teachers”. God you, microbes and courgettes, meets the:” Search “under the fence”. A great number of Teachers of light sent to you, you intentionally and deliberately herded live “under the fence”, in order to use their High Frequency energy to Low Of its own affairs, hope, that made anyone of them, you will be able in the future to enslave the God, but in the long term you will be only punished for its audacity and chutzpah to you.” This proves, that everything you know, and all the opened you patterns, disappearing in the walls “your research institutes”, you, hiding from people, use on humans, to strengthen you positions captured in this world and pump out of the living energy of life. And the person, committed opening, you are blatantly and without compromise to kill. Are you allowed to do this? Creatures, behaving this way, does not deserve to exist.

Of course, pereroždennye Entity of the Devas are trying to hide in them for their noble Nature the ability. For the simple reason, that once happened, at least, single application Family Potentialities – among ordinary people, Dèvam becomes absolutely nothing else to do.

God sometimes, too, the task is part of its essence, that opens up the potential to interact with it through the body, pereroždennaâ is part of the Entity. Rebirth occurs fairly uncommon, usually in cases where the question of the destruction of the universe, with smaller issues, as a rule, cope and the lower Vibrations. Usually by the time saving rebirth It want to kill all the surrounding, instead of rejoicing, for the simple reason, as a result of hopeless confusion in the shadows of doubt, the cause of, situations are hopeless, the easiest way is Dazzling the brightest light of divine Consciousness. Any couch potato, Slacker, balabes, looking for someone to blame their problems or blame, immediately comes to the conclusion, that shadow exists because, There is a light source. And irritating situations such as in the case, If they are visible. You need to remove the bright light, or grab the source Energy (Food and physiological needs) This light, either organize even more heinous situation (maniacs, catastrophe) which is a bummer “the Savior”, created offhand of cowards “Hero!!!”, that would allow him to remain for some time not visible, aside from artificial emotions. But as a result of such rebirth or complete restoration of all Consciousnesses, any resulting adjustment, associated with resettlement in other terms the reality of foreign “organisms”.

If you delve into the theme of opposites – come to the, that Source is the antithesis of the Sacred Emptiness, in which it is, making it Together.

What is Void? I guess, many people think, It is a very romantic? Forced to disappoint you: If you have not yet, at least, part of the Essence of the absolute – You will not void for vynosima and, most likely, you will lose yourself in it, and this will be the last journey for your mind.

The theme of the above said: all things proèvolûcionirovalo. Thanks to the efforts of all Existing, In contrast to the slackers. Two Suns shine now: one complete – the second Blank. In the empty Blank voshodi Time Sun, While in full time – Full. This event is Grand, and cannot be described in a language not of existing concepts “good and evil”.

If we consider the opposite of everything – This is Responsible, and it does not exist. But it has a… If anything is clear from the above that – It means you are already promising. (((:)))

Themselves “invaders of power” represent Low-level Vibration, the thoughts which are limited within the frequency of Vibrations. Unlike the deregulated Entity High-level Beings parts. The higher the level of your home Phones so boring you among low-frequency Vibrations, which enveloped by Peace on planet Earth. The top of which is an Orange Hue (desire, emotions), that is, it is the vibration of Two-dimensional Space veiled in various forms, What should be, the entire population of the Planet trying to “suck” in 2d Space, decomposing it mentally and physically.

The higher the frequency of your Vibrations the more light you radiate at the mental level. This means, that you can see much more information than the low-frequency Vibrations, and available Knowledge to which they didn't get. In comparison with you low-frequency Vibrations are the Darkness. They have understood, and by controlling elements necessary for life and development of the body, that is a requirement for the presence of this reality, vytrâsaût of you Forever inaccessible to their knowledge. Have put in their basements machines, print money, and wrote on their dreams “laws”, that money is the only condition for universal barter, everything else is illegal. But we do not recognize these “laws”. Of course, They vozmečtali at your expense to create a weapon against God, to enslave His, and, rent income, drown in pleasure for free… Yes, и правда, This can think only hopelessly insane sick dreamers in their dreams.

For those, who is not cooperating with them in terms of Information extraction tools, to be a role – the honorary role of breadwinner! :) Cutting off you “exit up”: the possibility of contact with related higher frequency Beings and Energies using “The Church Institute” and other, and as the buzz, bring you to the moral decay, Thus when the decomposition is Energy, They partially harvested for their own further pleasures. Well, it does not prevent them from using People as functional pieces of meat for its own purposes. And in addition to, “the invaders power” No one is allowed to change on this planet, and, the more, interfere with the experiment.

“Rotten Karma” dumped on People very easy. You are embarrassing situation, “scrub” any misconceptions, instill a sense of guilt, or driven into institutionalized pattern. And the man starts to think that he is guilty of something, Although, in most cases this damned lies.

If, performing any actions, you are full of joy – Sin you have committed. You must take into account the, that joy and tomfoolery – not comparable quantities. Foolery – for animals, and Joy for the gods ҈ ҉


Any sin is accompanied by loss of energy, It usually appears as a burning sensation in the stomach or abdomen. Sin is a sharp desire (the thought) “They dragged the woman around the corner”, accompanied by the described symptoms. Similarly, women. The burning sensation is due to the fact, that a motion vector Energy is turned over.

For sin is enough to restore the previous state. That is, remember and take to burning sensation. You can just “the winch” This point and dissolve the perception process itself.

To restore the energy losses, Since the fall of man, enough to save the amount of energy in the form of Impressions.

But sin is not generally, because interrupted progress in your personal development – the Live in joy. ꙰ ꙳ ҇

Time stretches like rubber…before I finish the lick honey face spoon,as dusk began to lick the glass of our Windows,If any of us decided to sit on the other side of the circle,then it surely will go to the center of the circle,why I have never moved…
Time to go, standing still, and the part, that was between the past and the future, That has always been compared to Flash and, usually, called Life, was an eternity…. Welcome to the ((( Infinite Space ))) Bratiki and sister. (Alice R… with modifications)

…I gave away all that is,
And give out all that Will…
But I see it your way… And it is infinite…

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