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Космическая красотаYou dream of freedom?
What do you think about it?
Pasha to death in the garden
(at work, at the factory)
Until you direct
Economy “Pigs”.

In large spaces, high-degree of freedoms behavior, There is a temptation to cheat Nature, and, squeezing the best out of all available Spaces, reset “products of own life” the owners of larger Read more

The KGB and mating

Солнце отвернулосьThis will not even in the movies:
You're in power and you …

In small countries with a population of, usually, up to 20 million, the secret services have special status. Because they face no one knows, They magically, incredible, elusive and always Read more

Satan's in the community

Освещение руинAnd Cosmos knows exactly, who wholeheartedly Loves.
Who does the Cosmos Likes death before shaking.

On the planets death United terrorist groups are secretive war with the population. That's why sometimes free the planet from terrorism, that is like a Power, but reasonable people call a potential threat to Read more

Cycles of desolation

Танцующий слоникOnly the dancing elephant knows where he is going.

On the planets Death infants initially try to brainwash systematic nonsense, that should bring up the instincts, necessary for the obydlâčivaniâ of the brain and then making the Work of this body in the Read more

Assistance to States.

Space will assist in the development of the countries, the brilliant and talented personality will come to power, instead of crooks and insolvent “Kings”. Subject to the, that power will obey them.

Because. in some countries, the situation is not adequately – you need to give a specific example: in a modern setting Klitschko would be a good “King” for Ukraine, But if you see somebody more brilliant – to the right of the Board without undue “attractions”, because. This is the life “biological organisms”. The genius of this is such “Hickey”, you need it to support instantly – otherwise nothing will. To resolve the situation have something to do – write private message to find out more.

If the situation is left as is – It may result in cannibalism, and suffer, in the first place, those, who is especially aggressive.

The revolutionaries had warned a few years ago, during the action pereroždennye will definitely catch the Zetas “reins”. And here's an example…


Suicide- Typically forget you taki are poor?
- TAMU reached durny.
- While you typically forget taki durny?
- Tama that are poor.

(Belarusian folk wisdom)
$$$ Foundation investment of the gods. $$$ Read on


Our King-Mukden, Our King-Tsushima airport,
Our King is a bloody stain,
Zlovon′e powder and smoke,
In which the mind is dark. Read more


SuicideAnd I červonnoû shirt
Proud, the bit between his teeth clenching, —
The war dressed in bore.
My dead eyes turning black point.

☸ Randomness legitimate ☸

“Female dogs”


The death of a woman. Here's a sign
In the Palm of your, the young man.
The seventh eye! Pray! Beware! The Enemy
Keeps watch at midnight.
◪ ◩ Love – Just. Wound – Fast. ◩◪

The Principle Of Forced Power

МолнияYou're talking about beautiful
AND, probably, East.
But Lightning Blue
The reek of the enemy exactly.
⊡ ● ⊡ ● ⊡ Love – all my life to live…

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