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Ability Of Thinking

imageDo you think we will scare your “ment”?
Naive. :) You ruhneš′ under the illusory Psychological Foundation…

Friends, Now we are going to learn or remember how to use your own thinking. That's why anything new you today Read more

Sfry Consciousness and the brain


The Mind.

Creating A Lovely Worlds,
The Supreme Intelligence lights The Fiery Сферы.
Satisfies desire without measure,
Slips SOAP bubbles… Read more

The Device Of The Soul (Consciousness).

imageIf you received, The God Life, endorsement,
For help Life Energy, in the development of Own Consciousness
- the, accumulating Knowledge,
You must increase the IMPRESSIONS.
All we have seen in the, that our Consciousness – It's Rainbow Colors visible for us Spectrum Frequencies, that matches our Energy Vortexes, i.e.. Glaive. So does this Colors correspond to the seven main Read more

Move through the levels of consciousness

Somewhere saw, someone that someone is waiting. :) Do not wait for anyone-you know how it is. It is better to do alone, When no one bothers you. Let's start with the first level of consciousness. Do you think: "I have a mind". And get:

  1. My Consciousness.
  2. I awareness of the, that I have consciousness. This 2-level of consciousness. ♡ Love Space at full… ♡
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Сфера Сознания