imageDo you think we will scare your “ment”?
Naive. :) You ruhneš′ under the illusory Psychological Foundation…

Friends, Now we are going to learn or remember how to use your own thinking. That's why anything new you today don't learn (((:)))

First let's figure out what the heck is Ability Of Thinking. But it is no less, (a) the ability to retrieve previously known Information in-house, due to work Specifically on your Mental Body in you the mental Space. Of course, If the experience of your Mental Body is very great and Successful (that is important) – the, Accordingly,, and the power of, and the size of the, and abilities of your Mental Body is pretty impressive.

How to obtain Information with the Mental Body.

All your thoughts and knowledge there are Always, and Vibrations emanating from the Beings at different levels of development. And more precisely, information (information objects) the encoded (ticking) in existing Vibrations. Due to the qualities of your vibrations and stability and flexibility of your information structure (information of the skeleton) You can take any of these Vibrations, and some are not able to.
Proof: How to build multi-storey buildings existed millions of years ago (more precisely, there is always a), but only now have started to use it. (If you do not delve into the topic.)

imageThe quality of your Vibrations are layers of your mind, and priority will be the, that has great power Radiation. This layer defines the basic way of perceiving information for you.

Read More: If your priority Radiation Red – you will think “materialistic” the concepts of, that is not particularly pereutruždaâs′, understanding and “believing” only in the, that can touch hands, denying the more delicate structures and their fundamental importance, bowing to linearity in judgment.

If your priority Tone Blue – you will perceive the artistic, creatively, lean towards beautiful decisions and stress around the Beauty, try to find It, even, the unworthy of attention manifestations. You can find more detailed information in the previously opened topics: all there is, using your own Thinking, You'll find a lot more.

Methods Of Thinking.

Consider only the basic. Cover more Mental space can be increased Radiation, outgoing from your Mental Body – This is understandable. How to increase the Effect of radiation? Due to the Resonance fields of Consciousness. How to increase the quality of? Using you created, understandable for you to Patterns of perception.

Spherical Resonance.

imageTo reach it, you need to connect to the process of thinking Of your consciousness available to you. Look at examples:
1. I am learning. – one area of.
2. I am learning to learn. – two spheres.
3. I'm learning how to learn. – three spheres. (This is already the, that CD is not able to understand)
Yet. 1.Think. 2.Think how to think. 3.Think how to think, developing thinking.
More previously, If you want, you can find out.

Models of perception.

It's just an association model for different structures, who understands you and you created for any tasks or objectives.

From all the above should be, that “Copyright” has only God. As they are relevant in the case, If there is a blatant theft of ideas not available themes, who steals. But in this case needed the support of a strong “Dark hands”, associated with the understanding of their own actions, or have developed their own “protective abilities”.

What are vampires.

Their purpose is to podsosat′sâ to you, and make you mine the information to them. Or put you in such conditions, in which you will drive to exhaustion of their Mental Body, to find the solutions required “vampires”. In principle, the, all om′red-“civilization” and there are “Vampire”. If you come up with such a “a vampire” – He will ask you questions in a spirit of: “well, Do you understand me???”, “could you tell, What do you think about it?”, “but little do you solve the problem?” and other similar methods. If you choose not to be a donor – He just tries to destroy you, either throw mud. Typically, this is used to derogate from your Psychological Basis and attempts to violate your inner peace, for example, due to the mediocre chaos. That's why do not disclose their Psychological Foundation, or prepare in advance the illusion of such a Foundation, better a few, to maneuver the subsequently.

Bite little example:
Russia has bought minerals, deflate ingenious ideas of goals. And sell it back to the “ten costly” in a car, different equipment and colorfully packaged waste, but all the brilliant ideas do not give way to the native terrain, push them “under the table”, to initiate the purchase of import. These are the realities. And fool fool of rage!.

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Kitaro – The Inmost Feeling Ripples

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