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Black Holes. Calculation. Interaction.

imageWent Out Hedgehog from TheMana.
Took out the knife from KARMAon.
“Will cut, going to beat,
Choose with whom to BE FRIENDS…” :)

(schitalochka harmless from our childhood a prominent)

Sky Blue, Sea Blue. Dad- Strong, Mom-Beautiful!
Bottomless Bowl…Clean Ocean Of Tears….Spring Snowdrops and white roses…sss

( Shu …born of Our Childhood, recorded Kosmovedstvom. ) Read more

Conscious meditation. Enlightenment


"Genius is the ability to share events and objects on simple elements ". – So said …:)

The meditation: Read more

Selecting objects

imageImportant the ability to. It even can be called: “Select volumes” .

1. All very simple. Take any object: Chair, table, glass.
Poŝupali his hands, rose-set, have ensured that, that felt the volume, the selected object. You can say Read more

Exercise for awareness. It can even miner :)


One friend of ours came up with an interesting exercise…
This is a preparation for Conscious Meditation.
And is called the It, If much easier – “3D TV”.
To put it another way: dive in Reality, The Surrounding Validity, awareness of the world… Read more

The subtle energy (the second part of the)

image«…When force and there will be no more Babylon – SPACE otstučitsâ rhythm – echo level pulse Jaguar ... (Mayan. Literary translation.)

Since childhood, was so, that virtually Read more

Exercise technique. Watch for a. Watching a ;)

Looking at the goings on, in order to get a stunning result.
Will collect their own aspirations and form Double

So, When performing any exercises to condition,
Certain Racially Based Land Measures Space Beautiful Certain Racially Based Land Measures

Lovâŝie Wave

Ловец ВетраCame Spring two thousand and nine. AND, continuously flying, clouds on the background, forever indigovogo the color of the sky,reminiscent of the awakening of nature and the diving somewhere in the distance, a hint about the possibility to take Infinity and pushing to do it, they say THE, that the time had come to take from life ALL. Read more

Purification of consciousness

Just a feeling Water occurs after the cleaning consciousness. Pure consciousness just loves and knows the, where is it feeling. Because there is nothing more, and all the distracting is the vanity, who reviewed. Therefore,, in order to be purified to ✴ dive into Space ✴

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