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Universe. The Right Of Free Will. The Right To Freedom Of Choice.

Космос. Вселенная. Фиолетовый. Синий.

You razmahivaeš′ the bow of Orange,
Green, yellow or red banner.
And I burn, in all spaces of radiating,
The Purple the blue flame…

Have The Right Of Free Will ✪ ✪ Love Space read more.


“Seeland” – This inanimate mechanism, the immediate objective of which is to destroy the living soul.

Is one of the strongest false prophets, mentioned in the Bible, The Quran, Buddhism, Hinduism, Shinto and other religious. Refers to the type of the false prophets, which IME Read more

Continued Awakening :)

imagePeople have been tested for identity of consciousness to the type of the Divine. And qualitatively, the unusually, with a lot of sincerity. In General: some surprises. Well, what more can you expect from People? :) This information you missed. “The idea of creation of an SE, similar forms of life, which would be autonomous and separate evolutionary scenario on a separate planet soared in our minds long ago. On the ground we got quite by accident, Read more

!#№;”%?* My name doesn't sound * # $ ^%& as, However, and your…

kosmos alfa omega 8 infinities gold

kosmos 8 infinities

Here's the MOP.. AA!?
It's got to this černâgu utvorit′?!!!

Info, You'll learn now, will change your view of the world formed prior to this, and it is commensurate only with the opening of the new Space Read more

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Original Sin